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Our unrivalled political information experience and extensive contacts in the public affairs community in London & Brussels allow us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.  

DeHavilland 360 advises you on:

  • Issue Management
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Policy Briefings
  • Training & Support on Political Systems
  • Impact Assessment
  • Political Events Management

Our Vision

For us, information is not just a source; it is at the core of everything we do. In an increasingly competitive environment, the impact of regulation has never been so critical for business and society.

Making informed decisions is the hallmark of success in a fast changing world. We want to support you in understanding the full implications of policies at each step of the decision-making cycle beyond Westminster & Brussels.    

Our Mission

We believe that every organisation would benefit from auditing the way it manages the flow of political information, a key element in its efforts to anticipate regulatory and policy change.

DeHavilland is committed to designing original solutions to your specific information challenges. By treating each client as unique, we guarantee you an optimal approach combining day-to-day alerts with an eye for the long-term trends affecting your organisation.

Our Methodology

With over ten years’ experience in information management, DeHavilland is a respected public affairs consultancy that utilises a unique system of digital content indexation combined with political & media insight.

Our methodology is based on what we call the information cycle: after an initial audit phase to collect and filter the relevant political information affecting your organisation, we proceed with an issue assessment exercise to identify to key issues you should prioritise.