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DeH Briefing: Spending Review

Spending Review Briefing - September 2019

DeHavilland has produced a sector-by-sector analysis of the spending review, including a summary of key announcements, stakeholder reaction, and analysis of the political context.

Custom Research - Example Reports

DeH Custom Research Sample Report

Here, you can download samples of our previous custom research reports.


Disinformation and digital taxation

The EU is currently engulfed in a clash over regulating tech companies in two key areas: disinformation and taxation.

Carbon Pricing

The importance of climate change in the May 2019 European elections has seen the revitalisation of the debate around carbon pricing policy in the EU. 

Our new partnership with Prospect Magazine

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Prospect Magazine, the must-read publication with over 44,000 subscribers across the body politic, including every UK member of parliament.

Sustainable Finance - State of Play

Sustainable Finance - State of Play

In this briefing, DeHavilland examines the issue of sustainability in finance looking at questions such as 'what exactly is the difference between a “normal” investment and a sustainable investment?'

EP 2019 Elections Data Insight: People, parties and projections

DeHavilland has undertaken research into whether MEPs who sat in the 2014-19 Parliament are seeking re-election and how that may affect the upcoming Parliament.


Who will be the next Bank of England Governor?

In this briefing, DeHavilland examines the politics and the process, as well as the people who could be the next Bank of England Governor.

European Parliament Elections 2019: Manifesto Comparison

DeHavilland has produced the following briefing containing analysis on the manifestos of the four main political parties - the EPP, PES, ALDE, and the Greens.


European Parliament Elections 2019: Ones to watch

With the EP elections rapidly approaching, DeHavilland has produced a briefing with profiles of 12 key candidates running.