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Queen's Speech Briefing - October 2019

Queen's Speech - October 2019

After 83 days as Prime Minister, an initial prorogation that was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court, and two weeks ahead of the date Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, Boris Johnson’s government unveiled its proposed legislative programme during the State Opening of Parliament on 14 October.

It is extremely rare for a government to propose a Queen’s Speech without a working majority, and most people doubt it will pass. Both Houses of Parliament are due to debate the Humble Address for four days before voting on it.

As a result, the 26 bills and policies outlined are being viewed more as a trailer to a Conservative election manifesto than a programme for government. The other parties’ responses to the speech may also provide clues as to their likely manifesto commitments.

In this briefing, DeHavilland lists and analyses the measures outlined in the Queen’s Speech and provides a snapshot of initial stakeholder reaction.