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Speculation briefing - Spending Review 2020

DeHavilland’s latest briefing brings together all the speculation so far on the contents of the Spending Review, covering everything from COVID-19 to infrastructure to taxation

Stephen Barclay discusses COVID-19 economic impact

DeHavilland has summarised yesterday's appearance of Chief Secretary to the Treasury Stephen Barclay before the Treasury Committee to discuss the economic impact of coronavirus.

Labour Shadow Cabinet

DeHavilland has produced a briefing with biographies of new members of the Shadow Cabinet, as well as their policy positions within their new sector.

DCMS Committee session on COVID-19 and the charity sector

DeHavilland has produced a summary of a digital evidence session from the DCMS Committee, examining the impact of COVID-19 on the charity sector.

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Coronavirus Response: Policy, powers & process

In this briefing, DeHavilland looks at the new powers and policies introduced by the Government to tackle the threat posed by COVID-19.

Select Committee: New Chair Profiles (January 2020)

This briefing contains detailed information on the profiles of the new Chairs of all Select Committees that were announced as of the 30/01/2020.

Select Committees: election of Chairs and members

Select Committees: election of Chairs and members

DeHavilland has produced a briefing on the allocation, parliamentary procedure, and party procedure of electing Parliamentary Select Committee Chairs and respective members.

General Election 2019 - How to form a government

DeHavilland has produced a briefing looking at the process for forming a government in the event that there is a hung parliament.

General Election 2019 - Manifesto Comparison

General Election 2019 - Manifesto Comparison

This briefing summarises and compares the most important parts of the recent manifestos that have been published as we are approaching the upcoming general election taking place on the 12/12/2019.

Queen's Speech Briefing - October 2019

With the Queen's Speech being the big news yesterday, DeHavilland has produced a briefing outlining what the government has set out, what the announcements tell us about the government’s intent, what the reaction from other politicians and stakeholders was and more.

Read our detailed briefing to find out more.