UK Power Networks owns and maintains electricity cables and lines across London, the south-east and east of England, making sure your lights stay on. It manages the local power lines that bring electricity from the national grid to homes and businesses, with 18 million people in its network areas.  

UK Power Networks is a big business helping to tackle net zero, and with climate change at the forefront of the political agenda, the energy and environment policy information that comes out of Parliament needs to get to the UK Power Networks public affairs team sooner rather than later. 

How we help UK Power Networks

  1. Making a big impact
    Michael Horwood, the UK Power Networks public affairs manager, provides political updates to the whole business. DeHavilland really make the difference and truly are an extension of his team. The tailored industry-specific reports UK Power Networks receives from DeHavilland help keep Michael up to date with policy developments.
  2. Tailored reports for tailored communications 
    Political monitoring is where DeHavilland add value for the UK Power Networks public affairs team – providing updates on what’s happening in the policy landscape, from white papers to debates in Parliament, so that UK Power Networks understands how the work of Parliament affects the power industry and the direction of travel. Whether it is a BEIS report or a DfT consultation, the relevant information is flagged to UK Power Networks in an easy-to-read report. 
  3. Social media monitoring in real-time
    The DeHavilland social media monitoring tool is particularly helpful for UK Power Networks. UK Power Networks finds out which MPs, councillors or public figures have tweeted or written about them, highlighted in real time. If there’s social media chatter about a power cut, UK Power Networks can immediately keep the public up to date. The alert shows the original tweet so UK Power Networks can go straight there to fix the problem.
DeHavilland tools and alerts are super helpful and a vital part of my day to day. I get the information I need that matters to our organisation highlighted to me and delivered to my inbox at speed
Michael Horwood
Public Affairs Manager

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