ScottishPower is one of the world’s largest integrated utility companies and a world leader in wind energy. ScottishPower is also the first integrated energy company in the UK to generate 100% green electricity. Their focus is on wind energy, smart grids and driving the change to a cleaner, electric future and they’re investing over £6m every working day to make this happen. They’re committed to speeding up the transition to cleaner electric transport, improving air quality and over time, driving down bills - to deliver a better future, quicker for everyone. ScottishPower’s business units operate across different regulatory frameworks, so there’s always potential for challenges. Net zero is a key strategic priority for ScottishPower, as it is for governments in the UK and internationally. 


How we help ScottishPower

  1. Political intelligence in real-time
    The speed of the information is what’s important to ScottishPower. Updates coming through in real time mean the ScottishPower corporate affairs team are always one step ahead. That way they are able to be the experts for all political updates affecting all parts of the business. 
  2. Raw information as it should be   
    Social media and Twitter mean that information can be skewed and distorted. DeHavilland alerts sent to ScottishPower come through without editorialisation and spin – we give ScottishPower the raw information they need. The team then do their own analysis and make it relevant to the business, and the energy analysts at DeHavilland are always at the other end of the phone to help.   
  3. Flexibility is key
     In such a changing and changeable policy environment, DeHavilland reacts quickly to new developments. In the last 12 months ScottishPower has taken a major interest in hydrogen policy and DeHavilland have adapted to suit them. Regular business catch-ups – and our long-term relationship – mean that the DeHavilland team understand ScottishPower and adapt the service to the business as it evolves. 
  4. Vital Net Zero Rundown   
    The weekly Net Zero Rundown is a collation of policy developments in energy, transport, infrastructure, corporate services and the environment. It saves the ScottishPower corporate affairs team huge amounts of time because they get the bigger, interconnected picture all in one place. It is a must-have for the ScottishPower team.  

We’ve always been very happy with the DeHavilland service.  DeHavilland help us stay aware of everything that’s going on in what is a really busy policy space.
Tom Williamson
Senior Corporate Affairs Manager

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