The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) is the professional medical body for psychiatrists whose goal is to provide a greater understanding of the interaction between mental and physical health and the social and cultural context in which people live.

The College assists with issues such as mental health, dementia, learning difficulties and addiction. DeHavilland provides political intelligence and monitoring that helps the College fulfil its vital role of representing the interests of psychiatry to key stakeholders such as the Government. DeHavilland spoke with Peter Hand, RCPsych’s Public Affairs Manager.  

How we help RCPsych

  1. How does DeHavilland services help your organisation DeHavilland are our eyes and ears in Parliament, providing necessary insights into what could happen next. This is useful as the College gears up for changes in Government, the up-coming general elections and other significant changes in policies relating to our field.
  2. Particularly valued elements of DeHavilland’s service  The bitesize format of the daily reports makes them easy to read and digest, ensuring that RCPsych is up to date with all the information they need. DeHavilland informs our advocacy through its profiles of MPs and peers, as well as live alerts for when policy updates of interest emerge. 
  3. Forward Planning RCPsych’s policy and public affairs team need to be reactive, proactive and knowing what the priorities are. The College uses DeHavilland’s live alerts, briefings and Policy Notes to develop our plans for how we aim to influence manifestos and policy changes. 
  4. Briefings DeHavilland provides the College with tailored reporting and biographies on relevant parliamentarians to engage with and updates on when the College has been mentioned in Parliament. 

“I would undoubtedly recommend DeHavilland. Their service has provided for us consistently, delivering the best political intelligence service that we’ve experienced in what is a wide-ranging market.”
Peter Hand
Public Affairs Manager

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