Human Rights Watch is an international NGO dedicated to defending and protecting global human rights. 

Their team of four use DeHavilland's service for its relevancy and speed of the political intelligence we provide.

How we help HRW

  1. Forward Planner 
    At the end of each week, our forward planners help the HRW team develop their strategy for the following week. They allow the team to flag important policy developments and upcoming events in Parliament. For example, if an update on the Environmental Act comes through via the Forward Planner, the recipient will share this with colleagues outside the UK.
  2. Keyword search
    The DeHavilland's Elastic Search functionality is integral to HRW's advocacy efforts. It allows the team to search for keywords as well as understand the key political stakeholders engaged on a specific issue. Furthermore, DeHavilland search allows HRW's team to explore in-depth how the Government and opposition think about topics such as migration, the environment, and different geographical areas of focus.
  3. Stakeholder mapping
    Access to key stakeholders is essential for HRW. With our PeoplePoint database, HRW have access to contact details across both Houses, including MPs, their assistants as well as senior civil servants across Whitehall. The details and insights into stakeholders allow them to pinpoint parliamentarians to engage with when working on amendments to legislation.


The whole team at DeHavilland is very personable and always willing and ready to help – it's part and parcel of the service. The tailored and bespoke nature of the service on both reactive and proactive areas are what we value most for our organisation.
Dr Emilie McDonnell
UK Advocacy and Communications Coordinator

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