E.ON are leading the energy transition and are the largest supplier of electricity in the country. Since 2019 E.ON have supplied residential customers with electricity from 100% renewable sources, as standard. E.ON are at the heart of tackling the big issues the UK faces in meeting its ambitious Net Zero by 2050 target and their focus is on supporting homes and businesses across the country in their efforts to decarbonise. 

There is a lot going on in the energy sector and the public policy landscape changes quickly. The public affairs and policy teams at E.ON are an all-hands-on-deck, close-knit team working closely with marketing,  PR and comms teams to deal with policy developments for the business. E.ON have divested their fossil fuel businesses, and the company is now all about renewable energy and low carbon solutions such as heat pumps, solar panels, battery storage and EV charge stations. With such a massive customer base, E.ON is at the centre of the national and international push to net zero and decarbonising homes. 

How we help E.ON

  1. Varied coverage
    Varied coverage on a wide range of issues and broadness of policy reach is really important to E.ON. The policy areas where we are expert are much broader than just core energy and environment. We are across the Treasury brief so we know how costs are being mapped across Government Departments; we have transport experts who are across electric vehicles policy; we have experts who are across local and national efforts to decarbonise homes. The push to net zero affects every policy area, every Department. We give E.ON the full picture.
  2. Useful and relevant insight, customised for E.ON
    The energy team at DeHavilland have developed keyword alerts for E.ON over our four-year relationship. E.ON use 40 to 50 keywords, and their team can instantly see in the title of an email whether something is relevant and useful to them. The DeHavilland team have regular contact with E.ON – answering queries, giving the heads-up – and we have great state-of-play chats every quarter to discuss what’s important to E.ON and where they are going. 
  3. Reaching out to the right people
    DeHavilland’s PeoplePoint interface is vital to E.ON. It is a customised and customisable database of political actors at all levels – Whitehall, devolved Governments and local authority. The E.ON public affairs team frequently use the mail merge function to  communicate with their PeoplePoint selections of MPs, MSPs, MSs, MLAs or councillors – they use it to target political actors by region, by policy area, by Committee membership, by interest. Everyone stands somewhere on net zero. PeoplePoint is not just an address book. It is a rich mine of biographical information about our elected politicians, our public servants and the public policy world.
  4. A valuable resource
    The energy team at DeHavilland pick out the consultations for E.ON to save them time. Without DeHavilland support it’s a huge amount of work and E.ON rely on DeHavilland for that man power. DeHavilland truly are an extension of the E.ON team and are a valuable resource for saving time and deciphering a lot of information quickly. 
E.ON have used DeHavilland for a number of years, and they are a trusted partner in helping us navigate the ever changing political landscape. From daily updates across a number of sectors to their online People Point service, they add value to our work across the team.
Jack Fildew
Senior External Affairs Executive

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