BT is one of the world's leading communications services providers, with operations in 180 countries around the world.  

As a Project Manager in the Policy and Public Affairs Team at BT, Valerie Gueorguieva relies on DeHavilland’s definitive political intelligence briefings to make sure she never misses a business-critical development. Every day, Valerie’s team receive tailored alerts with updates from politicians, public sector institutions and the telecoms sector. 

How we help BT

  1. Comprehensive committee reports
    Monitoring committees is time-consuming, with committees meeting as often as every two or three days. BT’s dedicated contacts at DeHavilland deliver comprehensive reports that highlight the issues with potential impacts and opportunities in communications, digital and tech.
  2. Enabling product and service development
    Digital inclusion is one of BT’s key areas of interest. Government has a significant bearing on opportunities and responsibilities and BT’s strategy for outstripping the competition. DeHavilland’s monitoring of parliament’s perceptions and expectations of BT and its competitors enables the corporate affairs team to feed vital intelligence to product teams. 
  3. Keeping close to key contacts
    For BT, having insights into the activities of the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport), relationships with industry regulators, and the views of MPs is important. Monitoring reports and DeHavilland’s real-time database of political figures helps BT stay close to MPs.
  4. An eye on legislation
    Monitoring key dates for early day motions, parliamentary questions, readings, pre-legislative scrutiny and primary and secondary legislation and any announcements is time-critical yet too time-consuming for BT’s teams. They don’t want the detail; they need to know the wider implications; DeHavilland’s reports incorporate that crucial contextual understanding.
What makes DeHavilland stand out is the service we receive from their approachable sector experts who devote their time to understanding the political challenges that our business might face. There are no complex processes, it’s personal. It’s a precious resource for us.
Valerie Gueorguieva
Project Manager, Policy and Public Affairs

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