General Election 2017 Polling Update - 8 May

8 May 2017

Opinium: Con 46, Lab 30, Lib Dem 9, UKIP 8, [Dashboard 2 (1)] Green 4, SNP 4

ORB: Con 46, Lab 31, Lib Dem 9, UKIP 8, Green N/A, SNP 3

YouGov: Con 47, Lab 28, Lib Dem 11, UKIP 6, Green 2, SNP 5

ICM: Con 46, Lab 28, Lib Dem 10, UKIP 8, Green 4, SNP 4


There has been little substantive change in the polls over the weekend, with the Conservatives still very much dominating this contest and retaining a lead of at least 15 points over Labour.

Though Labour remains relatively close to the 30.4 per cent it secured at the last election, the main story continues to be the virtual destruction of UKIP. With the party’s projected vote share collapsing to around five per cent at the local elections, it seems that any hope of a UKIP resurgence has lapsed.

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Madhav Bakshi, Political Analyst
Madhav Bakshi
Political Analyst

Madhav Bakshi is a Political Analyst within DeHavilland’s Editorial Team and leads on Energy policy. He is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied International Politics.