General Election 2017 Polling Update - 13 May

13 May 2017

YouGov: Con 46, Lab 30, Lib Dem 11, UKIP 5, Green 2, SNP 6

The polls remain remarkably stable, showing a dominant lead for the Conservative Party. The most recent poll, released by YouGov, finds it 16 points ahead. Labour’s position is also largely unchanged, with the party polling at around 30 per cent since the announcement of the General Election.

The main questions remain around the performance of the smaller parties, whose popularity is often hard to determine and even harder to equate to electoral performance in terms of the number of seats they will get.

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Madhav Bakshi, Political Analyst
Madhav Bakshi
Political Analyst

Madhav Bakshi is a Political Analyst within DeHavilland’s Editorial Team and leads on Energy policy. He is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied International Politics.