General Election 2017 Polling Update - 15 May

15 May 2017

ORB: Con 46, Lab 32, Lib Dem 8, UKIP 7, Green N/A, SNP N/A

Opinium: Con 47, Lab 32, Lib Dem 8, UKIP 5, Green 2, SNP 5

ComRes: Con 48, Lab 30, Lib Dem 10, UKIP 5, Green 3, SNP 4

YouGov: Con 49, Lab 31, Lib Dem 9, UKIP 3, Green 2, SNP 5

Once again, the polls appear relatively unchanged over the weekend, indicating a lead of between 14 and 18 points for the Conservative Party over Labour.

While it remains unclear what impact this will have in terms of seats, it does certainly seem that the Conservative Party remains on course for a landslide victory.

Support for UKIP, meanwhile, appears to have dropped starkly and is not bouncing back at this stage in the campaign. There is also relatively little evidence of a Lib Dem fightback at a national level, though localised support could still help the party.

It should be noted that the most recent polls appear to have been taken before news of the NHS hack broke on Friday. Whether this will have an impact on support for the Government is difficult to say, but it is possible that this may lead to some boost in the party’s support given that Labour tends to be more trusted on the NHS.

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Madhav Bakshi, Political Analyst
Madhav Bakshi
Political Analyst

Madhav Bakshi is a Political Analyst within DeHavilland’s Editorial Team and leads on Energy policy. He is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied International Politics.