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11 November 2016
After yet another shocking result from the polling booths, this time from across the Atlantic, Ben Zwolinski looks at the implications for the UK and the implications for policy on international affairs and climate change.
11 November 2016
The US elections may mean yet more upheaval in international politics, but the UK Government will continue to try and reach out to the new administration and may even push for a trade deal with one of the largest economies in the world.
Author: Mike Indian
4 November 2016
The UK has a positive attitude about the chances of trade agreements with countries such as Canada, with whom the EU has just signed the CETA agreement. Many British public figures state that forging in-depth trade relationships with international partners will actually be easier once the UK finally leaves the EU. However, the near-collapse of the CETA agreement last month between Canada and the EU begs the question of whether the process will be as straightforward.
Author: Darius Mikulenas
2 November 2016
DeHavilland is delighted to announce that this November, we will be headline sponsor of the first ever European Public Affairs Awards.
Author: Sabrina Urban
27 October 2016
With all eyes turning to Chancellor Philip Hammond ahead of his hotly-anticipated Autumn Statement, DeHavilland's Ben Zwolinksi takes a closer look at the new inhabitant of Number 11.
21 October 2016
Though the Conservative Party unsurprisingly held former Prime Minister David Cameron’s seat in Witney this week, DeHavilland’s Ben Zwolinski debates whether it could give the Liberal Democrats a boost, akin to that enjoyed by the SNP in Scotland post-IndyRef.
14 October 2016
Brexit means Scoxit? First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out her confrontational plans for a new Scottish Independence poll at SNP Conference this week. So what are the chances for a new IndyRef? DeHavilland's Ben Zwolinski investigates.
11 October 2016
As Brexit talks begin to take shape, countries that will take part in them are realising that it will not be easy to complete negotiations unscathed. 
Author: Darius Mikulenas
Tags: trade, EU, Brexit, Japan
7 October 2016
In this long form piece, DeHavilland's Ben Zwolinski examines the Prime Minister's political philosophy and the traditions on which it draws. Does her view of the world represent a turn to the past, or more closely resemble that of another female Leader?
30 September 2016
Conference season is in full swing and across the sector spectrum, politicians are busy grappling with the trickier conundrums presented by Brexit. Here, DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultants highlight the key issues for debate this month.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team