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6 June 2016
One could be forgiven for mistaking the bruising EU Referendum campaign for a rough and tumble Conservative leadership race. DeHavilland examines the fates and follies of the major players as the big day approaches.
3 June 2016
This week saw Prime Minister David Cameron suffer a rain of verbal blows from journalists and the public when he appeared in a special EU Referendum TV debate.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
1 June 2016
The beginning of June means EU Referendum fever has reached its crescendo. While the ballot's not the only story in town, its impact will be felt across every sector, regardless of the ultimate outcome. DeHavilland's expert team of Monitoring Consultants surveys the coming month.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team
31 May 2016
With all the talk of possible futures inside and outside the EU, the views of the UK's neighbours provide some of the more important hints about how future relationships will be negotiated. DeHavilland's Annie Scanlan considers what their comments indicate.
24 May 2016
What's the latest view from the pollsters? DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi analyses the sentiments behind this week's figures.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
20 May 2016
With stakeholders rushing to analyse the contents of the 2016 Queen's Speech, which areas were curiously quiet when it came to new legislation? DeHavilland takes a look at the Bills that never materialised.
Author: Anna Haswell
19 May 2016
Yesterday, the Government unveiled 21 new Bills in the 2016 Queen's Speech. DeHavilland's UK Services Manager, Arran Russell explores the highlights.
Author: Arran Russell
19 May 2016
Will the Better Markets Bill solve the energy market dilemma? DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Energy, Alaa' Al-Samarrai provides an overview.
19 May 2016
Tax evasion crackdown comes into focus in the new Criminal Finances Bill. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Financial Services, Vishal Jalota takes a closer look.
19 May 2016
The Digital Economy Bill represents a confirmation of the Government's digital agenda. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Tech & Telecoms, Jamie Tym provides his view.