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31 July 2017
Recess has begun in Westminster, but in an age of Brexit, politics never stops. Get the inside scoop on what to look out for across the sector spectrum this month.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
31 July 2017
Get the lowdown on why you can't afford to ignore what's happening in the policy world, even during the Parliamentary Recess.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
4 July 2017
As the dust settles from the 2017 General Election, MPs contemplate an altered state of political reality. So what's on the agenda next for Ministers, Committees and industry stakeholders across the sector spectrum?
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
20 June 2017
Private Members' Bills give backbenchers much-wanted Parliamentary time to propose new laws on specialist subjects. DeHavilland takes a look at the process and how it could be impacted by the bumper 2017-19 Parliamentary session.
Author: The DeHavilland Content Team
15 June 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a series of new appointments to Cabinet and senior ministerial positions. Here, DeHavilland highlights the facts you need to know about the new faces.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
13 June 2017
In the event of a Hung Parliament, how does a minority Government function? DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi explains.
7 June 2017
Look back on the polling ups and downs in the run-up to the 2017 General Election with DeHavilland's original analysis.
30 May 2017
Get the inside track on election promises and candidates to watch across the sector spectrum. DeHavilland's expert Monitoring Consultants present their essential GE2017 guides.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
18 May 2017
With the major parties' 2017 General Election Manifestos now released, read DeHavilland's analysis of the biggest policy pledges.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
5 May 2017
Get the latest on the General Election 2017 polls from DeHavilland's resident expert, Political Analyst Madhav Bakshi.