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22 April 2016
With US President Barack Obama descending into the Brexit fray, DeHavilland considers the currents of debate enveloping his controversial intervention.
Author: Anna Haswell
20 April 2016
After an exciting period of growth, DeHavilland is looking for a Client Development Manager to join our London Commercial team.
Author: Michael Gilby
15 April 2016
DeHavilland's Annie Scanlan attended a high-profile campaigning event this week to hear Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn make his first major intervention in the EU Referendum debate.
12 April 2016
After an exciting period of growth, DeHavilland EU is recruiting for an EU Policy Analyst to to join our office in London. 
Author: Sabrina Urban
8 April 2016
Prime Minister David Cameron has faced scrutiny this week over his connection to an offshore investment trust set up by his late father. DeHavilland puts the row in context.
Author: Anna Haswell
4 April 2016
The London electoral race is moving apace, with each of the frontrunners for the mayoralty taking a distinctive tack as they seek to attract the capital's lively electorate.
Author: Jasmine Mitchell
4 April 2016
The EU Referendum campaign is in full swing and the ensuing madness is breaking every rule of politics as usual. DeHavilland takes a look at some of the more intriguing trends to emerge as the nation mulls its EU fate.
Author: Anna Haswell
1 April 2016
A crisis in the steel industry has brought Wales into the spotlight as it prepares to go to the polls for an Assembly election. DeHavilland considers the impact on the campaign.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
1 April 2016
April looks set to be another busy month across some of DeHavilland's core policy sectors. Here, our team gives the lowdown on what's coming up.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team
24 March 2016
As Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday, DeHavilland has seen first-hand how social media has transformed public affairs. Find out how we help professionals monitor stakeholders and manage reputation.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team