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5 July 2016
Officially, there was no plan. So how is the Government responding to the sudden demand for a Civil Service capable of negotiating a Brexit? DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi investigates.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
4 July 2016
The fallout of Brexit continues to impact most sectors in July. DeHavilland's team of Monitoring Consultants surveys the coming month.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team
1 July 2016
Businesses caught by surprise after last week's shock EU Referendum Out vote were rushing to catch up and consider how Brexit could impact their sector. Here, DeHavilland collects together analysis and key responses highlighted by some of its sister companies from Ascential's diverse portfolio of specialist information services.
Author: Anna Haswell
30 June 2016
In our latest Despatch podcast, DeHavilland's experts discuss Brexit and the implications for the digital and financial services industries, as well as brewing Labour leadership crisis.
Author: Mike Indian
28 June 2016
Following the decision of the UK citizens to leave the European Union, Brussels and London are working frantically to work out the next steps.  
Author: Darius Mikulenas
24 June 2016
After a fractious and dramatic campaign, the British public has voted to leave the EU. Join DeHavilland as we follow the next political steps.
Author: Michael Clarke
24 June 2016
Read the early reactions from other EU Member States, political groups in the European Parliament, and key figures in the institutions.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
24 June 2016
The UK's decision to leave the EU has already put the very fabric of the country in doubt. DeHavilland considers some of the constitutional questions raised by a vote for Brexit.
14 June 2016
This week's polling pointed to a rough ride for the Remain camp, as Leave appeared to sneak ahead. DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi interrogates the latest figures.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
10 June 2016
When it comes to the EU Referendum, polling is not the only numbers game in town. DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi explores some of the alternative indices to emerge in the scramble to anticipate and leverage the increasingly uncertain-seeming result.
Author: Madhav Bakshi