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15 August 2016
As the European Commission and European Council each appoint their own Brexit negotiator, we take a look at the two chosen figures.
Author: Alex Boxell
12 August 2016
Olympic fever has gripped the nation once more as the 2016 Games take place in Rio. Click through to read about politicians who pursued their Parliamentary careers after first finding Olympic and Paralympic success.
Author: Anna Haswell
5 August 2016
This week, the Government published its official list of Prime Minister David Cameron's parting honours. As well as a number of lesser gongs, the list included a number of new appointments to the House of Lords. Read DeHavilland's potted biographies of the new Lords and Baronesses.
Author: Anna Haswell
4 August 2016
The UK's Brexit vote brought about a radical reorientation of British policy. DeHavilland highlights the key developments resulting from this unprecedented political shock.
Author: Anna Haswell
3 August 2016
One of the curiosities of the contemporary British political system, the pre-briefing and publication of honours lists has proved a major source of controversy in recent years. DeHavilland explains the row over David Cameron's parting gongs.
Author: Haig Stringer
22 July 2016
With the summer Recess looming, what unflattering stories did the Government choose to deploy in its latest info dump? DeHavilland rounds up the revelations.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
19 July 2016
How will the Brexit process work? Can the Prime Minister activate Article 50 without a parliamentary vote? DeHavilland interviews constitution expert Lord Norton of Louth.
Author: Mike Indian
15 July 2016
Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled her new Cabinet this week. DeHavilland's Mike Indian examines how the appointments have cemented her authority, dispensed with former rivals and signalled the priorities of her Government.
Author: Mike Indian
11 July 2016
With the sudden exit of Andrea Leadsom from the Conservative leadership race, the UK has a new Prime Minister in the shape of Theresa May. DeHavilland examines the persona and rhetoric of the woman charged with leading Britain through the Brexit storm.
Author: Anna Haswell
8 July 2016
A mass Shadow Cabinet rebellion led some commentators to proclaim the end of Jeremy Corbyn's curious Labour rule. But the leader has held steady, and threats of a formal challenge appear to be receding. DeHavilland's Jasmine Mitchell takes a look at the lie of the land.