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19 May 2016
The Digital Economy Bill represents a confirmation of the Government's digital agenda. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Tech & Telecoms, Jamie Tym provides his view.
19 May 2016
DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Transport, Matthew Bentley looks at the two new Bills set to shake up the sector: the Modern Transport Bill and the Bus Services Bill.
19 May 2016
The Government reiterated its commitment to "Sugar Tax" proposals in the 2016 Queen's Speech. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Health, Filippo Pollara looks at the implications.
19 May 2016
Education was a key theme in the 2016 Queen's Speech, with the Government looking to complete its schools reforms and embark on an ambitious university overhaul. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Education, Oli Powe, looks at the implications.
19 May 2016
The Government put planning for the delivery of new homes at the forefront of the policy agenda with its Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill, announced this week in the 2016 Queen's Speech. DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Housing, Matthew Bentley, looks at the implications.
13 May 2016
Next week's Queen's Speech will see the Government taking its next steps amid criticism from left and right. DeHavilland takes a look at some of the myrian new legislative proposals to expect.
6 May 2016
Today is results day in the 2016 devolved elections. As the votes continue to stack up, DeHavilland takes a look at some of the key points to emerge from the UK's devolved institutions.
1 May 2016
May brings the milestones of devolved elections in the UK's nations and capital city, with the campaigning fever touching every sector in turn. DeHavilland's expert team of Monitoring Consultants takes a look at how the impact will be felt, plus what else to expect in the coming month.
Author: DeHavilland's Policy Team
29 April 2016
It's nearly time for the 2016 Queen's Speech. DeHavilland has collected together all the speculation that's fit to print about what could be coming up in this year's legislative proposals.
29 April 2016
With the devolved and local elections a week away, DeHavilland takes a look at the state of play in some of the key races.