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Streamline your stakeholder engagement with our new API

14 February 2019

We love data






Find out moreAt DeHavilland we understand good quality data is one of the most important tools in your Public Affairs kit.

We also know the introduction of GDPR last year raised the stakes for all organisations managing personal data, and set the stage for further data protection and cyber security regulations to come.

Our clients tell us greater accuracy and working more efficiently are two of their most urgent priorities for 2019. So we've listened to their feedback and today we're pleased to announce the launch of our new Data API.

At a glance:

  • Seamlessly integrate political stakeholder profiles from our database to your CRM
  • More efficient - no more manually uploading data and duplicating tasks
  • Better quality - always accurate stakeholder details, supported by our dedicated content team
  • Safer, more secure - automated updates reduce the risk of breaching GDPR

Read our Data API fact sheet to find out more.

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