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Social media monitoring: Manage stakeholder relations and track politicians' sentiment

24 March 2016

Discover stakeholders' positions on the issues that matter most

As Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday, DeHavilland has seen first-hand how social media has transformed public affairs. 

In a recent survey, our clients told us how much they value DeHavilland's social media monitoring to:

  • "Find out what MPs are talking about and their positions on issues relevant to our organisation"
  • "See what journalists are saying, and compare their sentiment to policy makers"
  • "Track and respond to stakeholders we are not already following"
  • "Get real-time insights into how our campaigns, announcements and events resonate"

More sources, faster - DeHavilland's Twitter monitoring just got even better

We're now instantaneously sourcing tweets by more policy leaders and opinion-formers.

  • From Westminster: MPs, Peers, Select Committees, APPGs and political parties
  • From Government: Senior civil servants, government bodies and agencies
  • From the devolved nations and London: MSPs, Welsh AMs, MLAs, London AMs, Committees and political parties
  • From the Europe Union: UK and EU MEPs, EU Commissioners
  • Key influencers: Think Thanks and prominent political news sources

*Latest sources are italicised.

Get to the important tweets first

With so many new sources, we know it can be hard to keep on top of the content that really matters. Why not let DeHavilland's Consultants do the work for you?

We can package our social media coverage in a useful roundup, segmented by sentiment.

See our enhanced social media monitoring in action

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