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September Update: Pharma and Health

4 September 2018

What's on the agenda this month

by Arran Russell, Service Manager

Preparations for a no-deal Brexit have dominated every sector, but the stockpiling of medicines and the costs involved dominated the discussion. The sector will be closely watching developments over the coming weeks as we get close to the deadline for the negotiations to end, enabling the agreement to be ratified here and on the Continent.

Meanwhile, normal business will resume in Westminster as the Government grabbles with how to find the £20bn earmarked for the NHS over the next few years and we still await the Adult Social Care Green Paper. The Health and Social Care Committee has also recently launched an inquiry into The First 1000 Days of Life, focusing on national strategy, current spending and barriers to investment and local provision.

Download our Legislative State of Play briefing for a full overview of the second half of the 2017-19 Parliamentary session.

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Arran Russell, Service Manager
Arran Russell
Service Manager

Arran manages the work of DeHavilland's Service teams in London and Brussels. A graduate of the University of Manchester, he has previously worked for the CIPD and Westminster Forum Projects.