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Real politics doesn't stop for Recess...

31 July 2017

MPs have returned to their constituencies for the Summer Recess, but with Brexit negotiations already underway and a new Parliament just kicking off, the stakes are too high to put politics truly on pause.

Q. How much of our content comes from Parliament?

With Recess arriving in Westminster, it's tempting to think our work is done for the summer. But at DeHavilland, we know real politics never stops.

We had a hunch that sources other than Parliament make up a big chunk of the indispensable daily political information we provide.

So we set out to find the answer by delving into the data, and the results took even us by surprise.

Take a peek at our breakdown of definitive political sourcing and you’ll see that Parliamentary content is just a tiny part of the value DeHavilland brings public affairs professionals every day.

We monitor a comprehensive range of political sources across the country, including both public and private sector stakeholders.

We also bring you the latest directly from politicians themselves, whether they’re campaigning in their constituency or tweeting from the beach!

Our comprehensive sourcing means you’ll never miss a moment.

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