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December Update: Health and Pharmaceuticals

4 December 2017

Brexit tensions reach new heights this December as the Government presses ahead in its bid to provide industry with some certainty about future business conditions.

Reactions to Chancellor Philip Hammond's Autumn Budget will continue, as the multitude of announcements is scrutinised.

Meanwhile, responses of a different kind will inevitably be brewing within a fractious Conservative Party. While the Budget appeared successful enough to ward off plotting opponents in the immediate sense, the Chancellor's Cabinet foes will be busy cooking up new ways to challenge him.

Here, Daniel Shaw-Stewart, DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Health and Pharmaceuticals policy, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this December.

What's on the agenda this month

by Daniel Shaw-Stewart, Monitoring Consultant

Many in the Health sector are still digesting the numerous announcements in last month's Budget, and examining how the additional £335m intended for the NHS over this winter will be spent.

Moreover, following the announcements at the end of November from MSD and Qaigen, the media is reporting that another US-based pharmaceutical company is ready to invest up to $1bn into the UK by creating a large biotech company headquartered in Britain. The news will be welcomed by the Government and analysts who feared that Britain’s exit from the European Union may act as a deterrent for future investments into life sciences research.

Furthermore, many this month will also be probing the Government’s new Green Paper entitled Transforming children and young people’s mental provision.

Sector stakeholders will be examining how the Government plans to implement its proposals, including rapidly improving waiting times for children's mental health services. Further speculation amongst health professionals looks likely to dwell on how the Government plans to find an additional £300m over the course of the next three years.

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Daniel Shaw-Stewart, Monitoring Consultant
Daniel Shaw-Stewart
Monitoring Consultant

Daniel serves as Monitoring Consultant for DeHavilland's UK Health clients. He has previously worked at MHP Communications in its Corporate Affairs Team, and at the BBC during the 2015 General Election as a Production Assistant. He read History and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London.