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May Update: Financial Services

14 May 2018

What's on the agenda this month

by Jo Hall, Monitoring Consultant

In May, the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill finally completed its remaining stages in Parliament, receiving Royal Assent on the 10th May. 

Banking issues have dominated Parliament so far this month, with several banks announcing branch closures across the UK, and TSB’s IT failures coming to light. Numerous committee hearings to address the issues have so far taken place, with more debates and sessions expected over the coming months.  

The Treasury Committee has been particularly busy in May, holding various sessions on SME Finance, Economic Crime and Maxwellisation

Meanwhile, as the fallout over closing cash machines continue, the 16th May will see Labour MP Ged Killen lead a ten minute rule motion on Banking (Cash Machine Charges and Financial Inclusion), whilst the Scottish Affairs Committee will be holding a session on the ATM Network in Scotland on the 15th.

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