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May Update: Energy

14 May 2018

What's on the agenda this month

by Andrew Huckle, Monitoring Consultant

All Energy-related activity appears to be in the Lords this month, with the Smart Meters Bill reaching Report Stage on the 15th of May, giving all Peers further opportunity to examine and make amendments. It will then go on to Third Reading on the 22nd, where Peers ‘tidy up’ a bill, concentrating on making sure the eventual law is effective. 

The Labour frontbench have tabled an amendment to the Smart Meters Bill ahead of its Report Stage in the Lords next week. The amendment would insert a New Clause which would make the Government publish a “National Plan for Smart Metering” which “must show clearly how all the objectives of the smart metering implementation programme will be delivered and must specify an appropriate termination date.”

The news comes as there is growing concerns around the deadline for the £11bn scheme to install smart meters across Britain by 2020.

In other news, the Energy Price Cap Bill has its Second Reading in the Lords. The Commons passed the Bill without amendment and it is set to progress quickly to meet the target of reaching Royal Assent by the summer recess in July. 

Finally, the Commons have voted down a Lords amendment to the Nuclear Safeguards Bill regarding Euratom membership. The Government instead passed a compromise amendment that would ensure they could request to remain within Euratom, but only if certain conditions were met, such as the failure to sign relevant international nuclear agreements by Brexit day. The Bill will now return to the Lords, who will consider whether or not to accept this compromise.

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Andrew Huckle, Monitoring Consultant
Andrew Huckle
Energy Policy Consultant

Andrew Huckle is DeHavilland's dedicated Monitoring Consultant for Energy and Environmental Policy. A graduate of the University of Leicester and King's College London, where he read International Studies and European Studies respectively, he has previously worked as a Parliamentary Research Assistant and completed a traineeship with the European External Action Service.