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March Update: Energy and Environment

2 March 2018

March brings a number of key political moments, as the UK marks a year since triggering Article 50 and a year to go until the formal Brexit date.

Crunch time has arrived over the nation's future trading relationship with the bloc, while internal tensions within the Conservative Party and repositioning on the part of its opponents threaten the Prime Minister's hold on power.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Philip Hammond is due to deliver his very first Spring Statement, a new-format financial update that will set the agenda for tax and spending reforms to come.

Here, Andrew Huckle, DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultant for Energy policy, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this March.

What's on the agenda this month

by Andrew Huckle, Monitoring Consultant

March is likely to see the Second Reading of the Energy Price Cap Bill, which will introduce a cap on the most expensive tariffs in the energy market, covering 11m consumers.
This will give MPs the opportuniity to debate the general principles of the Bill. With the Government wanting it to recieve Royal Assent by the summer recess, MPs have a tight turn-around time to get this Bill through the Parliamentary hurdles.
The second key event will be the passage of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill in the Lords. Some peers, including Lord Adonis, are encouraging amendments that would keep Britain in Euratom via an association agreement, although this was voted down in the Commons.
Perhaps more importantly however, a Lords Committee has recommended the introduction of a 'sunset clause' which would limit the Government's powers to make secondary legislation, which are extensive under this Bill.
Watch this space on Nuclear Safeguards - while there may be no dramatic defeat, the Government may at least have to make some changes to the Bill to satisfy the Lords.

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Andrew Huckle, Monitoring Consultant
Andrew Huckle
Energy Policy Consultant

Andrew Huckle is DeHavilland's dedicated Monitoring Consultant for Energy and Environmental Policy. A graduate of the University of Leicester and King's College London, where he read International Studies and European Studies respectively, he has previously worked as a Parliamentary Research Assistant and completed a traineeship with the European External Action Service.