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Introducing DeHavilland Civil Service

16 March 2017

As every seasoned public affairs professional knows, if Parliamentarians are the public faces of power, Civil Servants occupy an infinitely more subtle and complex position within the apparatus of the state.

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The gatekeepers of the policy agenda, their influence extends into all areas of society, shaping the terms on which issues are debated and the range of possible options presented to decisionmakers.

But the workings of Whitehall can be agonisingly obscure, and identifying the right public sector names can be a time-consuming, difficult task.

At DeHavilland, we understand the importance of engaging with the right policy stakeholders at the right moment - and that includes reaching out to key Civil Service contacts.

That's why we have developed DeHavilland Civil Service, a unique tool to take your public affairs practice further.

Discover contacts

Get in touch directly with the public sector leaders who matter. Search more than 25,000 Civil Service contacts by role, from permanent secretaries to department heads, or browse over 600 departments, agencies and public bodies, covering Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Build relationships

Craft your communications directly using our industry-leading contact tools. Our website lets you compose and send messages to individuals and groups with ease, then record your activities with personal notes.

Get organised

Sort and store your contacts for later with our handy listing function. This built-in feature saves time and helps you take a more strategic approach by enabling you to creating custom directories of relevant decisionmakers.

Reveal the results

Bring your team up to speed with our easy-to-use interface. Download your contact activity and share with colleagues to make reporting a breeze.

Discover a new world of public affairs outreach

With so much crucial information in an easy-to-use format, we're confident you'll love our Civil Service database. Experience DeHavilland Civil Service today - sign up now for a free consultation.

Arran Russell, Service Manager
Arran Russell
Service Manager

Arran manages the work of DeHavilland's Service teams in London and Brussels. A graduate of the University of Manchester, he has previously worked for the CIPD and Westminster Forum Projects.