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GE2017: Your Sector by Sector Guide

30 May 2017

As the 2017 General Election campaign reaches its climactic moments, it's essential to keep abreast of policy pledges across the party spectrum that could impact your professional priorities.

To help you stay up to speed with what's on the agenda in your sector, DeHavilland's expert Monitoring Consultants have produced a series of special election-focused briefings.

Each briefing features original analysis, a breakdown of policy pledges from the party manifestos, and five key PPCs to watch out for.


by John Chilvers, Monitoring Consultant

Social Care was the subject of an unprecedented policy row after the publication of the Conservative General Election Manifesto. With Prime Minister Theresa May appearing to execute a U-turn on her radical reinterpretation of past policy pledges, the sector looks certain to be the focus of major campaign clashes between the parties.

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by Tom Field, Monitoring Consultant

With Labour and the Conservatives offering radically differing visions for the sector in every area from schools to universities, Education policy has emerged as a critical ideological battleground for the 2017 campaign.

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Energy and Environment

by Andrew Huckle, Monitoring Consultant

With the Government's proposal for an energy price cap setting the tone for a distinctive new Conservative politics - as set out in the party's manifesto - energy is once more creating some of the biggest dramas of the General Election.

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Financial Services and Pensions

by Jo Hall, Monitoring Consultant

Prime Minister Theresa May is making waves with a bold decision to drop the totemic pensions "Triple Lock", ensuring FS will be one of the defining issues of the 2017 General Election. Meanwhile, politicians of all stripes are taking on the boardroom in a bid to address popular discontent over some executives' bad behaviour.

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Tech and Telecoms

by Sophie Malleson, Monitoring Consultant

From online extremism to rehoming Channel 4, and from the Gig Economy to Leveson, tech and telecoms topics are on the tips of politicians' tongues in the 2017 General Election campaign.

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Transport and Infrastructure

by Matthew Bentley, Senior Monitoring Consultant

With both the Conservatives and Labour setting out their own ambitious plans for infrastructure investment in their respective manifestos, Transport policy has become a key cause in the 2017 General Election.


by Rachel Marnick, Monitoring Consultant

Brexit is the elephant in the room at the 2017 General Election. With each party vying to establish itself as the voice of the popular will on future relations with the EU, few topics are as divisive or potentially damaging to voter support.

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General Election 2017 - Definitively covered

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