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Brexit: Sector by Sector

5 September 2016

Brexit means Brexit... but what does that mean for your sector?

As political earthquakes go, you couldn't get much bigger than Brexit. The policy community was left reeling by the result of the popular vote, with every certainty seemingly thrown suddenly into question.

DeHavilland has prepared a special series of briefings analysing the impact of the Leave result across a range of different policy areas.

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Construction and Brexit

Infrastructure projects have been some of the most high-profile victims of the Brexit fallout, with investors putting decisions on ice amid a tide of uncertainty.

Click here to download (first published 4 July)

Retail and Brexit

How are retail businesses coping with the fluctuations in exchange rates brought on by the Brexit vote?

Click here to download (First published 26 July)

Financial Services and Brexit

Arguably the sector with the most to lose from Brexit, the financial services industry has been busy since June highlighting the vital importance of key EU agreements, including the much-discussed system of "passporting".

Click here to download (First published 25 August)

Business and Brexit

Key business confidence indices paint a mixed picture following the Brexit vote. What are the biggest issues occupying the minds of entrepreneurs under the new Prime Minister?

Click here to download (First published 26 August)

Health and Brexit

The vote to leave the EU raises major challenges for the UK's National Health Service, particularly when it comes to staffing and potential regulatory shifts.

Click here to download (First published 31 August)

Transport and Brexit

What does Brexit mean for UK Transport? Read DeHavilland's detailed briefing, featuring analysis of the impact across a range of sectors.

Click here to download (First published 6 September)

Education and Brexit

Read DeHavilland's overview of the biggest issues for the Education sector following the UK's vote to leave the EU.

Click here to download (First published 13 September)

Look out for more sector-focused briefings as part of DeHavilland's definitive Brexit coverage. To be the first to get the latest news and analysis, find out more about our Brexit services.

Anna Haswell, Senior Political Analyst and Content Marketer
Anna Haswell
Senior Political Analyst and Content Marketer

As Senior Political Analyst at DeHavilland, Anna Haswell leads on financial services policy, as well as covering media issues. In her capacity as Content Marketer, she is also responsible for DeHavilland's briefings and analysis output, working across teams to ensure relevant messages reach current and prospective clients alike. She is a graduate of the University of Oxford and Goldsmiths, University of London.