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April Update: Transport

9 April 2018

With Parliament returning from Easter recess on the 16th April, a number of key political moments are set to impact Transport policy this month. Here, Matthew Bentley, DeHavilland's Transport Consultant gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this April.

What's on the agenda this month

by Matthew Bentley, Monitoring Consultant

The fallout from the Government’s decision to end the East Coast rail franchise early is expected to continue, with MPs almost certain to raise the issue during Transport Questions on Thursday 19 April.

April will also see a number of transport Bills continue to make progress through Parliament with MPs due to debate the Laser Misuse (Vehicles) Bill while Peers are expected to continue considering the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill.

Meanwhile the Transport Committee will continue hearing evidence as part of their inquiry into Mobility as a Service while the Public Accounts Committee may announce an inquiry into the cancellation of rail electrification projects.

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Matthew Bentley, Transport Policy Specialist
Matthew Bentley
Transport Policy Specialist

Reflecting the significance of infrastructure across DeHavilland's client portfolio, Matthew Bentley provides monitoring and research for the transport, construction and housing sectors. Matthew graduated from the University of Leicester with a BA in History and Politics.