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Mixed results

The long-awaited elections in France and the UK are now over and the pollsters missed the mark. The results from both events came as surprises to a different degree, yet both will have a strong impact on the EU. 

Aviation deals in doubt

As the dust settles following the meteoric but controversial rise and election of Donald Trump as the new US President, international stakeholders have uneasily started to consider the future, following many of the comments made by the new Commander in Chief during his election campaign. From immigration to defence and trade policy, his ‘colourful’ statements and sudden changes of opinion have left many speculating about the direction that Trump may take during his presidency.

Back to Basics

Safety is at the heart of the aviation industry, which is why air travel maintains its status as one of the safest modes of transport. It is easier and more affordable than ever to travel by air, and traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years, but such transformation requires a proactive approach in order to maintain the high levels of safety we currently enjoy.

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