5 August 2022

At the end of July, the Government published the first ever Women’s Health Strategy for England.

The Strategy outlines a series of ambitions designed to tackle England’s gender health gap. A key concern throughout the strategy was the healthcare system’s failure to meet women’s day-to-day needs. Senior Policy Consultant Dena Holland and Policy Executive Sophia Corfield have summarised the areas covered in the Strategy that include the actions and commitments on menstrual health, fertility and pregnancy, menopause, mental health and wellbeing, cancers, ageing and the health impacts of violence against women. 

The Royal Society of Medicine welcomed the publication, saying that: “We're looking forward to supporting the work of the Women's Health Ambassador, RSM Fellow Dame Lesley Regan, on the new strategy”.

However, Dr Anne Connolly MBE, Chair of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum, warned: “Funding will be the key challenge to implementing the strategy’s recommendations. It will be difficult to realise the vision without extra financial support or a clear plan for workforce development at a time when health services are already at capacity”.

Interested in understanding how the Government is planning to address these discrepancies in women’s healthcare?

Download our Policy Note here. 

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