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4 March 2019
With the UK scheduled to leave the EU at the end of this month, a flood of Statutory Instruments are passing through both Houses at unprecedented speed.
Author: Philippa Keir
27 February 2019
March is crunch time for the Government with Brexit day set for the 29th. Jo Hall rounds up other key dates for Financial Services in March.
14 February 2019
The market's most accurate database of political stakeholders information now integrates seamlessly with your system.
11 February 2019
As Brexit continues to engulf UK politics, debates around the future of retail and the workplace continue to be on the agenda for the sector. 
Author: Jordan Sullivan
4 February 2019
With the cancellation of the February recess, Parliament is set to focus much of its attention on breaking the Brexit deadlock this month.


DCMS Committee session on COVID-19 and the charity sector

DeHavilland has produced a summary of a digital evidence session from the DCMS Committee, examining the impact of COVID-19 on the charity sector.

briefing cover

Coronavirus Response: Policy, powers & process

In this briefing, DeHavilland looks at the new powers and policies introduced by the Government to tackle the threat posed by COVID-19.

Labour Leadership Briefing

In this briefing, DeHavilland looks at the candidates running in the upcoming Labour Leadership election, along with their backgrounds, and assesses their key policy plans.

Select Committee: New Chair Profiles (January 2020)

This briefing contains detailed information on the profiles of the new Chairs of all Select Committees that were announced as of the 30/01/2020.

Select Committees: election of Chairs and members

Select Committees: election of Chairs and members

DeHavilland has produced a briefing on the allocation, parliamentary procedure, and party procedure of electing Parliamentary Select Committee Chairs and respective members.