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DeHavilland provides fast, accurate and relevant political monitoring, campaigning tools, and research services for public affairs professionals.

We can help you track the latest developments in Westminster, Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland Assembly, and engage the stakeholders who matter most to your organisation. To find out more about EU political intelligence, visit DeHavilland EU.


1 May 2016
May brings the milestones of devolved elections in the UK's nations and capital city, with the campaigning fever touching every sector in turn. DeHavilland's expert team of Monitoring Consultants takes a look at how the impact will be felt, plus what else to expect in the coming month.
Author: The DeHavilland Monitoring Team
29 April 2016
It's nearly time for the 2016 Queen's Speech. DeHavilland has collected together all the speculation that's fit to print about what could be coming up in this year's legislative proposals.
Author: Anna Haswell
29 April 2016
With the devolved and local elections a week away, DeHavilland takes a look at the state of play in some of the key races.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
25 April 2016
With devolved elections set to take place in London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on 5 May, now is the perfect time to sample what DeHavilland's unique political monitoring can do for you.
Author: Anna Haswell
22 April 2016
With US President Barack Obama descending into the Brexit fray, DeHavilland considers the currents of debate enveloping his controversial intervention.
Author: Anna Haswell


The UK's EU Referendum

Ahead of a British referendum on EU membership, to be held on 23 June, DeHavilland is publishing a series of briefings exploring the key aspects of the process. Subscribe to our EU Referendum content.

Devolved Elections 2016 analysis

Devolved Elections 2016 analysis

Read our analysis of the UK's devolved election candidates and campaigns.

Queen's Speech speculation 2016

Queen's Speech 2016 speculation briefing

DeHavilland has collected all of the speculation that has already emerged about the possible contents of the 2016-17 Parliamentary agenda.

Cabinet Office Organogram

Download our handy organogram featuring ministers, aides and key advisers at the Cabinet Office.

Transport and Brexit

As the countdown to the UK's historic EU Referendum continues, read about the impact of Brexit on the UK's Transport industry in the second of our exclusive sector briefings.