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19 August 2016
DeHavilland will be packing our bags and joining the rest of the political world in Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow this Autumn. Here, we give you the lowdown on what to expect at the 2016 party conferences.
Author: Anna Haswell
15 August 2016
Arguably the biggest known unknowns in the Brexit debate, experts have been busy speculating about the potential future shape of the UK's trade after leaving the European Union. DeHavilland's Madhav Bakshi explains the options.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
15 August 2016
As the European Commission and European Council each appoint their own Brexit negotiator, we take a look at the two chosen figures.
Author: Alex Boxell
12 August 2016
Olympic fever has gripped the nation once more as the 2016 Games take place in Rio. Click through to read about politicians who pursued their Parliamentary careers after first finding Olympic and Paralympic success.
Author: Anna Haswell
5 August 2016
This week, the Government published its official list of Prime Minister David Cameron's parting honours. As well as a number of lesser gongs, the list included a number of new appointments to the House of Lords. Read DeHavilland's potted biographies of the new Lords and Baronesses.
Author: Anna Haswell


Briefing: UK Trade Post-Brexit

DeHavilland has produced a special briefing explaining the current state of play in discussions surrounding a new UK trade policy.

Labour Leadership briefing

Labour Leadership briefing

Amid Opposition turmoil, former Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith is challenging Jeremy Corbyn. Find out more about the 2016 Labour leadership contest.

Prime Minister Theresa May briefing

Prime Minister Theresa May briefing

Our profile of the new woman in Downing Street, outlining her positions on key policy questions, including taking the UK out of the European Union.

UK Votes to Leave the EU - Next Steps

As the UK's EU Referendum decision was announced, DeHavilland produced a special briefing highlighting some of the key questions raised by the Leave result.

Brexit and Financial Services

In the latest of DeHavilland's close-up sector-by-sector briefings on Brexit, Monitoring Consultant Vishal Jalota takes a look at how the EU Referendum vote will impact financial services.