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Our service helps public affairs professionals track, monitor and evaluate the impact of the political environment, enabling them to effectively plan, implement and evaluate their organisations' objectives.

Our political intelligence, parliamentary monitoring and consulting services deliver news, information and bespoke research via our online platform and team of political researchers, giving you the inside track on the latest developments in Westminster, Parliament and Whitehall as well as the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The service is tailored to your organisation’s requirements, giving you invaluable information that will enable you to horizon scan the political landscape. As a result you will be able to successfully identify potential opportunities and threats and thereby support your strategy more effectively.
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3 March 2015
Each month we ask a public affairs professional to share what they’re reading and where they find their news.
Author: Adam Bowering
3 March 2015
Five years after George Osborne first held aloft his red briefcase from Downing Street, the Chancellor will be back before the nation in March for a final Coalition Budget. With the election looming, DeHavilland reflects on what it could contain to woo an increasingly politically divided electorate.   
Author: Nick Biggs
3 March 2015
The political world goes potty about polls in the run-up to elections. But where do those headline numbers come from? DeHavilland takes an inside look.
Author: Madhav Bakshi
26 February 2015
EU Policy Analyst, Alex Boxell examines the European Commission's Energy Union: an attempt at a coherent energy and climate policy.
Author: Alex Boxell
6 February 2015
The Sustainable Energy Association is engaging with the energy debate and discussing what the industry still wants to hear from Government.
Author: Dave Sowden